Promotions Moratorium Update

By General Secretary

PDFORRAs efforts to mitigate the worst effects of the Public Service promotions and recruitment moratorium announced on March 27th 2009, have begun to produce some results.  It has been confirmed that up to 42 appointments in higher acting ranks will be available for forthcoming overseas appointments until January 2010.

Despite this development it remains likely that members serving overseas will be tasked with carrying out the duties of higher ranks and claims will have to be submitted for this group for payment of acting rank/substitution.  Information from members in these circumstances has been requested to substantiate claims.

PDFORRA is also seeking the payment of acting rank/substitution for members serving in home appointments where they have been carrying out the duties of higher ranks.  Confirmation that members who have received offers of promotion before 27th March 2009, will actually be promoted remains outstanding but some progress is expected in the near future.

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