PDFORRA Must Be Allowed to Join ICTU


Speaking at the PDFORRA Annual Delegate Conference in Westport today, Gerry Rooney, General Secretary, PDFORRA said, “There is no reason whatever why PDFORRA is not allowed to join ICTU. We have raised this issue with successive Ministers, and despite some positive indications – we have had no firm decision. It is impossible for PDFORRA to fully represent its members on a range of pay related issues unless our voice can be heard directly at congress”.

“An example of where our members have been shabbily treated is in relation to the Working Time Act. This legislation has excluded members of the Defence Forces since its inception in 1998. The European Court of Justice has ruled that under such legislation as it applies to military personnel – that only ‘certain specific activities’ may be excluded. The ECJ is simply directing that you can exclude military from certain activities under the Act but not from the total remit of the legislation”.

“Members of the Defence Forces are included in the Parental Leave Act – but excluded from the section which provides access to the Rights Commissioner”.

Gerry Rooney went on to say, “I urge the present Minister to open the ICTU door for PDFORRA and its members. This is not a covert attempt to subvert the State but to maximise our capacity to support our members. PDFORRA is already a member of EUROFEDOP, an umbrella EU Public Service Union, and this caused no difficulties for anyone.”

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