Information Circular 2/2009: Increase in Overseas Peace Support Allowance


PDFORRA submitted a claim for an increase in Overseas Peace Support Allowance. The basis of the claim was:
A) Increases in the frequency of mandatory selection to fill overseas appointments.
B) The reduced opportunity to volunteer for which overseas mission to travel on, due to the ‘Lead Brigade’ concept.
C) The Minister for Defence’s announcement at PDFORRA Annual Delegate Conference and subsequent statements in Dáil Eireann.

Following discussions at Conciliation Council between the Departmental Side and PDFORRA, a proposal of a 5% increase across all ranks was accepted. The new rates effective from the 1st September 2008 are as follows:

Sgt & Higher – Increased from €62.50 to €65.63 (per day)
Corporal – Increased from €60.42 to €63.44 (per day)
Private – Increased from €58.35 to €61.27 (per day)

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