Information Circular 15/2009


Review of Border Allowance – Up-date



Discussions on the review of border allowance have not seen any change in the Department’s position. It continues to say that it will only reach an agreement that provides for the removal of border allowance from those who currently hold it and its replacement with Security Duty allowance (SDA). This position is unacceptable to PDFORRA which will only conclude an agreement which provides for the retention of border allowance by those who hold it – with new entrants from an agreed date going on the SDA system.



Accordingly, formal disagreement will be recorded in the coming weeks and the matter will be heard by the adjudicator. The adjudicator has agreed to hear the respective arguments from both sides on the matter on the 8th July 2009. His decision will take at least a number of weeks to be issued.



Members will know from the briefings that PDFORRA is well advanced in its preparations for the adjudication hearing and believes that its position has a strong basis.



In preparation for the hearing before the adjudicator all members are asked to check with their district committees to ensure that their name is recorded on the PDFORRA database for their respective districts. This is necessary for inclusion in the claim.

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