Information Circular No 13/2021: Technician Review 2-6

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise our members that the Association has received a copy of the Technician Review 2-6 from the Department of Defence. This review was undertaken by Military Management and the Department, following a recommendation by the Public Service Pay Commission in 2019.

The review is extensive and covers the Naval Service, Air Corps and Army. The current costings associated with the review are approximately 1.3 Million Euro.

Within the Naval Service there are recommendations for the reduction in service requirements for personnel to attain Technician Pay Gp 6 for ERA’s, EA’s and Hull Artificers. The recommendations reduce the time in service requirements from 12 years to 7 years. Additionally, there is a recommendation to introduce the concept of senior mechanicians, who will be eligible to receive Technician Pay Gp3, upon meeting various criteria.

Within the Air Corps, there are recommendations for increases in technician pay for qualified Airman and Corporal Technicians from Group 4 to Group 5. Additionally, all Sergeant Aircraft Technicians are recommended to move from Group 5 to 6. Further, there are recommendations that Airmen GP Aircrew receive Technician Pay Gp 2, while NCO’s continue to receive Gp 3.

Within the CIS Corps there are recommendations that the current cap on the numbers in receipt of Tech 6 be removed and that all personnel currently in receipt of Technician Pay group 5 be immediately moved to 6, subject to interview. There is also a recommendation that Comops personnel also be allowed to move to Technician Pay Group 3, subject to a number of requirements.

Moreover, qualified Craftsperson’s in Engineers, Ordnance and Transport are recommended to move from Technician Pay Group 3 to 4.

The recommendations regarding personnel within the CMU were not yet costed, although recommendations were made by the project team in relation to Advanced Paramedics (Gp 6), Paramedics (Gp 4) and CMT/EMT’s (Gp 2).

The report also recommends that Health and Safety NCO’s move from Technician Pay Gp 4 to 5.

There is movement also in the MP Corps, where MP instructors move from technician pay Gp 2 to 3. Within the `DFSM Pipe Band Instructors move from Technician Pay Gp 2 to 3, and finally, within the DFPP Technicians on Group 3 move to Group 4.

Members will appreciate that the Association has some detail to work through in order to attain the best possible outcome for members and attain clarity on courses etc. These will be undertaken as expeditiously as possible and members advised as matters progress.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                    Issued on: 09/06/2021

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