PMAS Information Circular No 2/2020: Cross Border Directive

By Industrial Relations Officer

PMAS began assisting members to access medical treatment under the terms of the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive in July 2018. Generally, these services were provided in Northern Ireland and in particular in Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast. Indeed, it was expected that services could continue in Northern Ireland regardless of Brexit because the Government included cross-border healthcare in its Omnibus Bill.

That position is now less secure because the Government now appears to be moving away from providing cross-border healthcare in Northern Ireland after Brexit on 31st December 2020. It should be noted that this appears to be an Irish government position rather than a UK government position. In the event that the Irish Government is unwilling or indeed unable to provide cross-border healthcare in Northern Ireland it will be possible to continue the service through other EU countries. The practicality of doing this will prove much more challenging than providing the service through Northern Ireland.

PMAS is now engaging with Government and its representatives in an effort to change their position to one that could lead to the continued provision of cross-border healthcare in Northern Ireland.

In the event that the Government continues on its present course or indeed the UK side will not agree to the continued operation of the cross border healthcare through Northern Ireland PMAS will make the necessary arrangements to provide the service through other EU member states.
Further information on all aspects of the scheme can be found on our website and on the PDFORRA Facebook Page or Association App.

Issued 17/11/2020

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