Information Circular No 27/2020: Parent’s Leave

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise members of the following issues related to the availing of Parent’s Leave:

Once Parent’s Leave has been approved by the relevant Military Authorities, it is a matter for each individual member to apply to the the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) for the Parents Benefit payment while on this leave. Applications for Parent’s Benefit can be made online at

If an individual is unable to apply online, postal applications are also accepted. A Parent’s Benefit application form can be requested by emailing Parent’s Benefit Section, DEASP or by calling 1890 690 690. When submitting an application for Parent’s Benefit, the applicant must declare that their Parent’s Leave has been approved by their employer. DEASP may contact an employer asking them to confirm the dates of Parent’s Leave.

The question of a person’s entitlement to any Social Welfare payments (and the rate payable) is a matter for DEASP, who are the relevant statutory authority.  Such entitlements depend essentially on a person’s individual circumstances and their own interaction with DEASP at any given point in time.  Therefore, any queries concerning Social Welfare entitlements should be clarified by the individual PDF member directly with DEASP.  Military personnel can also get information in that regard via the DF PSS Offices at Formation /Unit level. 

Further information regarding payment for Parent’s Leave can be found at  

Parents’ Leave is not reckonable for retirement pension, gratuity and superannuation purposes.

Further Information can be found in Administrative Instruction A11. Paragraph 430, which refers to Parents Leave.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                       Issued on: 7/9/2020

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