Information Circular No 26/2020: Update on Issues

By Industrial Relations Officer

Update on number of issues

PDFORRA wishes to advise our members of the following updates.

  • Members in receipt of Acting Rank (Paid) for personnel serving with 115th Inf Bn UNIFIL

Agreement has now been reached between the Department of Defence and PDFORRA for members, who had been in receipt of a payment for Acting Rank for personnel serving on the above mission, to extend that allowance, while those overseas members are on leave; “Acting Paid will continue to be paid for the balance of mission leave applicable to each appointment holder. These allowances are payable for a maximum of 21 Days”.

  • Technical Pay Medical Personnel deployed on Covid 19

Information Circular 25/20 refers. Following representations from members advising that their upgrade of Technical pay was NOT made as advised, PDFORRA sought urgent clarity from the Department on the issue.

The Association has been advised that 30 medical personnel were upgraded on 22 Jul 20 and the remaining 44 medical personnel will be upgraded on 05 Aug 20.

  • Working Time Directive (WTD) Claims

The Department has advised that to-date in excess of 550 members have now had their WTD Claims finalised with a further 152 due for payment on 05 Aug 20 and another 110 on or shortly after that date.

The delays to date have been as a cause of reduced staff in the Department due to the Covid 19 National Health Emergency.

It should also be noted that some errors contained on Forms also delayed the processing of member’s claims, those incorrect Forms were passed back to local District Reps who worked quickly to update and return the information required by PDFORRA HQ in order to effect payment as quickly as possible for those members concerned.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                     Issued on: 24/7/2020

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