Information Circular No 25/2020: Update on Issues

By Industrial Relations Officer

Update on number of issues

Yesterday, PDFORRA received confirmation from the Chief State Solicitor Office, that EOD Drivers are to be included in the compensation scheme mediated by PDFORRA under the Working Time Directive. A new proforma will be circulated to Districts for distribution to our members, who can then submit their claims through the District Committee.

Further to a claim submitted by PDFORRA, regarding the loss of UN leave and allowances by members of the 115 Inf Bn, the Department reverted with an offer last Friday. This offer was communicated to members within the Mission Area immediately upon receipt. PDFORRA is in the process of clarifying a number of issues associated with the Department’s correspondence and will revert to members in the coming weeks.

To date, no response has been received following PDFORRA’s submission a number of weeks ago of correspondence seeking the grant of payments to members of the 116 Inf Bn who were required to quarantine prior to deployment with UNIFIL. PDFORRA will submit a formal claim through C&A in the event that an offer is not forthcoming in the coming days.

PDFORRA has received confirmation from the Department that suitably qualified personnel from the CMU who undertook duties related to the current public health crisis are to be paid their Technician Pay WEF the 22 July 2020, inclusive of arrears. Members who do not receive payment are requested to contact HQ immediately.

The Association has commenced legal action alleging breaches of Article 40.6 of Bunreacht na hEireann, Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights, Article 12 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and Articles 5 &6.2 of the European Social Charter for the State’s failure to permit PDFORRA the right to associate with ICTU. Members will be updated as matters progress.

The Association has written to the leaders of the three main government parties to express our concern at the potential imposition of a permanent pay body on our members, which would be subject to government pay policy. From PDFORRA’s perspective, these terms are very similar to the terms of reference for the Public Service Pay Commission of 2019 and the Armed Forces Pay Review Body in England, both of which have been shown an inability to retain personnel in service.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                    Issued on: 1/7/2020

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