Information Circular No 24/2020: Update on Issues

By Industrial Relations Officer

Since the commencement of the ongoing public health crisis, PDFORRA has continued to submit claims on behalf of our members where circumstances give rise to such claims.

Moreover, during the current crisis, PDFORRA has agreed the appointment of a new Independent Chair to the Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme and agreed the terms of re-enlistment for personnel wishing to return to the Defence Forces.

Additionally, the Association continues to submit claims to the Department related to the mediated settlement on issues related to the Working Time Directive and recently secured the free rationing of recruits and 2-3* personnel, with arrears being owed in some circumstances.

PDFORRA submitted a follow-up submission to the European Social Rights Committee regarding our original complaint under Articles 5 & 6 of the European Social Charter, which related to association to ICTU, and will be submitting a claim to the International Labour Organisation in the coming weeks.

The Association has submitted a number of claims through the Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme for members impacted by delayed repatriation from overseas and other related issues. Further, your Association has engaged with the Department regarding personnel expected to quarantine prior to deployment. PDFORRA raised the foregoing issues at a meeting with the Minister last week.

The Association continues to seek the implementation of the Technician 2-6 review and has sought payment of appropriate technician pay for medics in addition to submitting a claim for the advancement in grade of personnel from 2-3*.

In the absence of securing early agreement on these claims, they are required to be processed through the Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme, which can result in adjudication hearings.

District and Regional Committees continue to pursue issues on behalf of their members and a number of meetings have been arranged with military management to address ongoing issues. The National Executive continue to pursue and advance any claims made.

The Association is immensely proud of the contribution made by our members to the national effort to combat Covid-19, and to the input made by District/Regional representatives over the past few months. Thank you all.

Please Display on Notice Boards Issued on: 3/6/2020

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