By Industrial Relations Officer

On 2 May 2020, PDFORRA, through EUROMIL, made a follow up submission to the European Social Rights Committee in relation to our complaint No. 112/2014.

Members will recall that the European Social Rights Committee held Ireland had breached PDFORRA’s rights under Articles 5 and 6.2 of the European Social Charter under this complaint.

PDFORRA has continued to seek the grant of Associate status to ICTU since the findings of the Committee were made public in February 2018, and has engaged proactively with officials from ICTU, officials from the Department of Defence and military management over the course of the past year.

Within our most recent follow-up submission to the European Social Rights Committee, PDFORRA highlighted the shortfalls in the recent Report of the Public Service Pay Commission, the failure of Government to fully implement the findings of the High level Implementation Plan generally, and the failure to implement the Technician Review 2-6 specifically.

PDFORRA has requested that the Committee continue to hold the Irish Government in breach of Articles 5 & 6.2 until such time as Associate status to ICTU is granted.

Our Association continues to believe that the grant of Associate status represents the best prospect to secure appropriate remuneration for our members.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                      Issued on: 22/5/2020

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