Information Circular No 21/2020: Free Rations for Recruits and Apprentices- 1 Oct 2018 Free Rations Personnel undergoing 2-3* 1 Jan 2020

By Industrial Relations Officer

On 19 January 2017, PDFORRA, submitted a claim to the Department requesting exemptions from rations for personnel undergoing the three Star Private course in the 2 BTC, Athlone from 12 June – 2 September 2016.

Subsequently, one of our members from Galway commenced legal proceedings to secure payment the payment of rations while he was on his 3* course.

Following consideration of a 2010 Adjudication, it was agreed charges for rations and accommodation for recruits and apprentices would cease with effect from 01 October 2018.

Following further discussions at Council, the Official side further proposed to cease the practice of charging for rations and accommodation to personnel undergoing two to three Star Private training, with effect from 01 January 2020 onwards.
The conclusion of this agreement will result in all personnel who have completed their recruit training to be repaid any rations deducted during the course of their training since the 1st of Oct 2018. Additionally, any personnel who have undertaken 2-3* course since 1 Jan 2020 will be entitled to a refund of any rations deducted.
PDFORRA will update members once a date for payment of arrears is provided by the Department.
Please Display on Notice Boards Issued on: 22/5/2020

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