PMAS Information Circular No 1/2020: Covid-19 update

By Industrial Relations Officer

To date the PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme (PMAS) has assisted over 170 members to access healthcare in Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast. However, as a consequence of the current Public Health Crisis, Kingsbridge Private Hospital has now entered into an agreement with the National Health Service (NHS) to provide extra public beds during the COVID 19 outbreak.

The contract arrangement between Kingsbridge Private Hospital and the NHS provides extra capacity for the treatment of public patients with non COVID disease and injury. These include areas such as major cancer surgery, fracture surgery, antenatal clinics in maternity and red flag diagnostics.

In order for the facility to offer maximum support to the public the government have instructed Kingsbridge Private Hospital not to perform any private surgery until 30th June.

This decision will then be revised and providing “lockdown” has been lifted Kingsbridge Private Hospital should be able to recommence cross border surgery after this date.

All PMAS members that were due to attend appointments in Kingsbridge Private Hospital have been advised of these developments.

If you are currently on the PMAS waiting list and would like further information please contact

Further, PMAS advise all members that may require access to treatment to contact PMAS by the email above.

Further information on all aspects of the scheme can be found on our website and on the PDFORRA Facebook Page or Association App.

Issued 27th April 2020

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