Information Circular No 18/2020: Overseas Issues – Meeting with Chief of Staff

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following a meeting with the Chief of Staff on the 13 March 2020, a further meeting was held today to follow up on issues arising from the current public health crisis.

During the meeting, PDFORRA raised the issue of personnel overseas and the necessity for the provision of clarity regarding return dates. Additionally, issues surrounding the potential repatriation of personnel from the mission area, due to extreme circumstances, was also raised.

The Chief of Staff reiterated his desire to provide personnel with a definitive position as soon as possible. Moreover, he expressed his wish to have the unit commander within the mission area brief his personnel and thereafter afford them the ability to disseminate any information to their families in a dignified manner. Further, PDFORRA requested that in the event that timelines are extended, Overseas Liaison Officers and BPSSO’s contact families to ascertain any welfare concerns that they may have.

PDFORRA requested that subsequent to the briefing of personnel currently overseas, that those scheduled to deploy should be informed of dates of deployment / pre-emptive quarantine and repatriation dates.

The Chief of Staff expressed his concern for the safety and welfare of members and families and acknowledged the stress that the current situation was having –  especially on families with young children.

PDFORRA advises members that correspondence has been sent to the Department highlighting issues such as the loss of leave within the mission area, the potential losses suffered by members and impact of potential measures on personnel scheduled to be deployed. Further information will be provided to members once clarifications have been received from the department.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                    Issued on: 22/4/2020

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