Information Circular No 17/2020: OVERSEAS ISSUES

By Industrial Relations Officer

Over the past number of weeks, PDFORRA has both corresponded and spoken directly with military management through the C&A office on a regular basis regarding the issue of deployment and repatriation of personnel from overseas missions. This was highlighted in circular 12/2020, which was published on the 18th of March 2020.

Moreover, PDFORRA has exchanged emails and spoken directly to personnel currently serving overseas and personnel at home on leave from the mission area.

Military management have assured our Association that they are utilising every resource to secure the repatriation of personnel and deploy those scheduled to serve overseas in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, due to the current public health emergency, which is impacting on decision making processes at all levels of organisations, PDFORRA has been unable to provide definitive advice to our members, as all avenues have not been exhausted.

PDFORRA has been assured that Unit Commanders will brief deployed personnel at the earliest opportunity with definitive information.

Additionally, PDFORRA has been contacted by personnel who are currently home on leave from UNIFIL and who have been repatriated from the mission area and removed from overseas allowances. These personnel are eager to return to their comrades and finish their overseas service. Due to the financial and contractual impact that the early repatriation may have, PDFORRA have contacted our solicitor and asked that he provide any assistance possible to these members.

In the event that personnel, as a consequence of early repatriation and denial of return to the mission area, remain financially discommoded or contractually impacted, after having spoken with the associations solicitor, PDFORRA will submit a claim through the C&A process to ameliorate the contractual impact and recover potential losses.

Throughout this period your Associations primary concern is you and your families health and welfare. The Association is extremely proud of the role being played by all our members both at home and overseas.

Please display on notice boards                                            Issued: 20/4/2020

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