Information Circular No 16/2020: Re-enlistment of members to the Defence Forces

By Industrial Relations Officer

During the past week, PDFORRA has engaged with the Department of Defence on the issue of the re-enlistment of members to the Defence Forces.

The Association was acutely aware of the potential impact that the re-enlistment of former members could have had on currently serving personnel and their terms and conditions during the aforementioned discussions.

Additionally, the Association has been ever mindful of the current public health crisis and the necessity to positively engage in the national interest.

PDFORRA, within correspondence, reminded the Department of the necessity to engage with the Association under the terms of the Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme.  Resultant from the foregoing, a “sunset clause” has been included- the effect of which will be to have a more fulsome review of the re-enlistment scheme within a year.

While PDFORRA sought the setting aside of pension abatement for returning personnel, this was not acceded to; however, the Association reserved the right to submit claims for returning personnel under the C&A Scheme- should the terms of any claim be achieved.

Returning personnel will have to undertake an induction course to ensure their ability to fulfil assigned roles and will not be entitled to compete for promotion for three years against currently serving personnel. Moreover, re-enlisted personnel are to be placed into “temporary posts” for three years. The placement of personnel into these posts cannot inhibit or in any way disenfranchise currently serving personnel from promotion.

Additionally, any potential amendment to overseas selection criteria will have to be placed on the C&A agenda for discussion prior to implementation.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                       Issued on: 3/4/2020

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