Information Circular No 14/2020: Addition of new section on PDFORRA App

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has made a number of adjustments to our members App over the past few days.

The primary addition is a new section to deal with issues surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak and the provision of up to date information relevant to Defence Force members.

Members will be able to access information from, the HSE and the World Health Organisation. Additionally, the site will provide information of insurance policy continuity from Cornmarket and any changes to service provision from other PDFORRA provision suppliers, including PMAS should it arise.

Additionally, this section of the App provides members with information on Aid to the Civil Authority Allowance and Maintenance of Essential Services Allowances.

PDFORRA is aware that some confusion exists around entitlements, as the Association diary was printed before the ratification of the terms of the Public Sector Pay Commission recommendations late last year. Moreover, the new 72- hour roster system for ATCA has a bespoke payment method, which will result in members being paid in arrears for a portion of the allowance.

PDFORRA will update this section of the App on a constant basis in order to ensure that members have relevant, appropriate information from trustworthy sources.

Members are reminded that the Association phone lines are manned daily between 09:00- and 18:00 Hrs, should they require assistance.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                    Issued on: 23/3/2020

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