Information Circular No 13/2020: New Rostering system- Technician Pay

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following collaborative discussions between PDFORRA, RACO, military management and the Department of Defence, the Department has proposed the payment of ATCA for each 12 Hour shift pattern, where the member undertakes a complete 72 hour roster. This is a new rostering system, which military management envisage will be in place for the duration of the current public health crisis.

Military management have stated that the Defence Forces will orientate itself for Covid -19 in the following postures:

  • The main duties will be performed by DF personnel who are rostered for a 72-hour period. These rostered personnel may be deployed to support the Civil Authorities across a wide range of scenarios.
  • Other DF personnel may be tasked with Covid-19 ATCA/MESA duties as necessary, but will not be rostered for a 72-hour period.

The foregoing practice will be similar to that employed for the payment of personnel who undertake Portlaoise prison Duty. In circumstances where members are not rostered on a 72-hour basis, they will qualify for standard rate only.

Arising from a foreseeable surge in activity, the Department have confirmed that Un-established Technician pay will be paid to personnel with the appropriate technical skillset. Should anomalies arise, PDFORRA request that these be brought to the Associations attention in a timely fashion.

In order to ensure uniformity across the organisation, a bespoke ATCA/MESA Payroll proforma will be developed and is to be used by all Joint Task Force and Formation Orderly Rooms. Furthermore, all ATCA/MESA costs will be captured using the appropriate pay codes. Subhead A.4 will ensure that all formation orderly rooms are aware of these pay codes. 

Clarification is being sought on the payment of Military Service Allowance in the event that personnel of 2* and Apprentice grade are deployed to full military duties.

Further details will be provided as they become available, eg Ships crews, payment details, interaction of payments with current payments like BDA etc.

The Department have stated that the current payments system may have difficulties reconciling payments for the 72-hour roster system, and as a consequence personnel will be paid in arrears when the system is adjusted.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                    Issued on: 19/3/2020

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