Information Circular No 12/2020: – Meeting with Chief of Staff and Senior Military Management

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA was briefed this evening by the Chief of Staff and Senior Military Management on measures that may be adopted in the coming weeks as the current public health emergency develops.

The Chief of Staff stressed his intent to protect the health and wellbeing of personnel during the coming weeks and months.

Moreover, the Chief of Staff expressed his desire to have clear open lines of communications with the Representative Associations in order to address any concerns personnel may have in an efficient and timely manner.

Lastly, the Chief of Staff placed on record his appreciation of all serving members who have shown enormous selflessness and loyalty to the organisation, especially over the past few days.

PDFORRA raised the issue of Personal Protection Equipment, training, social distancing and roster systems that they intend to implement. Additionally, PDFORRA raised the need to keep members overseas appraised of developments at home and the need to provide as much information as practically possible regarding return/deployment dates.

The Department of Defence have written to PDFORRA in the past number of days regarding the payment of allowances during this period. PDFORRA is seeking clarity on a number of issues before disseminating this information to our membership. This will be undertaken in the coming days.

PDFORRA members are requested to inform themselves of the contact details of their local District representatives and use this network to raise issues should they arise.

Members of the National Executive will liaise with the National and Regional welfare officers on a regular basis to ascertain what assistance can be provided to members, should issues arise.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                     Issued on: 18/3/2020

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