Information Circular No 10/2020: – COVID-19 Dissemination of Information

By Industrial Relations Officer

During the course of this week, PDFORRA will conduct discussions with the Chief of Staff, the Assistant Chief of Staff and officials from the Department of Defence. Subsequent to these meetings, relevant information will be posted on our Facebook page and on our App.

PDFORRA, in the course of these meetings, will highlight the need for proper Personal Protective Equipment to be supplied to personnel along with adequate training.

Members will be acutely aware of a number of posts that have been circulated on social media over the past number of days that have caused widespread fear within the general public. These posts have had a corrosive effect on public confidence and are to be discouraged by all our members.

As members of the Defence Forces we occupy a unique role within our society. PDFORRA has no doubt that our membership will be a true source of knowledge, strength and support for the public and our comrades in the weeks ahead. However, members are reminded of their obligations under Military Law, specifically, paragraphs 27 -29 inclusive, of Defence Force Regulation A.7, which deals with improper communications with members of the public or press.

PDFORRA, for its part will only be publishing material from the, Health Service Executive, or other appropriate government agencies. This may mean that the number of posts by the Association is limited, but this is necessary in order to ensure that the information provided to personnel has been verified and is correct.

Military Management have assured PDFORRA that lines of communication will be fully open in order to ensure that where difficulties arise, they can be addressed promptly. Members are again reminded that all calls to 1800-200 250 will be responded to as promptly as possible.

Please Display on Notice Boards Issued on: 16/3/2020

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