Information Circular No 08/2020: – COVID-19 Publication of GRO’s

By Industrial Relations Officer



GRO 04-2020 has been published today. Members are requested to make themselves fully aware of the contents of the GRO through the use of IKON, or from their Company Office.

However, PDFORRA wishes to highlight the following items from the GRO that are extremely important for our members:

  • The Health Service Executive Live number is 1850 241 850 in the event that clarification is required regarding any aspect of Covid-19. Additionally, members can contact their Military Aid Post during normal working hours should they require information/direction.
  • In an emergency (symptoms present), members are asked to contact 999 or 112. Members are directed NOT to attend their nearest military post unless directed to do so by an appropriate authority.
  • Members remain subject to Military Law and are obliged to contact their Unit and supply supporting documentation as to their status, as appropriate.
  • Living in personnel who are symptomatic or at risk should contact Unit OC/Orderly Officers by phone and NOT present at MAP until directed to do so.
  • The following list of Medical Officers will be used as references by serving personnel when questioned regarding service details:
  • 2 Bde                  Lt Col Shahzad Ahmad – Cathal Brugha Bks
  • 1 Bde                  Cdr John Murphy – Collins Bks Cork
  • DFTC                 Lt Col Patrick Harrold – GMH DFTC
  • Air Corps            Comdt Tom Brannigan, Casement Aerodrome
  • Naval Service     Cdr Peter Zmudka, Naval Base
  • Personnel returning to Overseas Missions from Annual Leave: UNDOF, UNIFIL and EUTM should contact the CMU for directions prior to presenting at the airport.

Members are undoubtedly aware that the current situation is subject to change based upon prevailing circumstances. Therefore, members are advised to check information from credible sources including IKON, HSE and our Website/App & Facebook Page on a regular basis.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                                                            Issued on: 09/03/2020

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