Information Circular No 07/2020: – COVID-19 Publication of GRO’s

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been in contact with the Assistant Chief of Staff, members of Military C&A and Officials from the Department of Defence over the course of the past week regarding this issue. The Association has made representations regarding Pay/Allowances, Sick Leave/Special Leave and personnel overseas.

PDFORRA understands that General Routine Orders (GRO) are to be published during the course of this week that will provide guidance for members on this issue.

It is expected that a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be appended to the GRO, in order to assist personnel with the practical interpretation of the Orders.

Your Association remains committed to addressing any concerns that our members encounter over the course of the coming weeks and months and will publish pertinent details of any amendment of GRO’s on our Website and App as they become available.

Members are encouraged to log onto the Association website, App and Facebook page regularly for updates as they become available.

Additionally, members can use the Freephone number 1800-200-250 to make contact with the Association should the need arise.

Issued on: 09/03/2020

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