Information Circular No 06/2020: – UPDATE – Sea-Going Naval Personnel Credit 472BB.TCA

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has recently been in contact with officials from the Revenue Commissioners who have advised that the Naval Service Tax Credit is due to go live on 30 March 2020. This will permit qualifying personnel to use Revenue online to claim their tax credits for the appropriate year.

For the purposes of clarity, please find hereunder the relevant extract from the Finance Act 2019, which applies to the criteria for the grant of the credit.

(1) In this section – ‘day at sea’ means a cumulative period of 8 hours within any 24-hour period on patrol at sea on board a naval vessel;

naval vessel’ means a naval patrol vessel owned by the Minister for Defence;

qualifying individual’ means a permanent member of the Irish Naval Service who has spent at least 80 days at sea in a relevant period performing the duties of his or her employment;

relevant period’, in relation to a year of assessment, means the immediately preceding year of assessment.

(2) Where for the year of assessment 2020 an individual is a qualifying individual—

(a) he or she shall be entitled to a tax credit (to be known as the ‘sea-going naval personnel credit’) of €1,270, and

(2) This section shall apply for the year of assessment 2020.

(b) relief shall not be given under section 472B or 472BA in respect of that year.

This amendment inserts a new section into the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 to provide a tax credit for permanent members of the Irish Naval Service. Where a permanent member of the service spent at least 80 days at sea on board a naval vessel in 2018 (sic) (2019) he or she will be entitled to a tax credit of €1,270 in 2020. This is a once-off measure which is intended to apply for 2020 only.

For further information on Tax Credits, Tax allowances and reliefs visit: Citizens Information Search “Tax Credits”

Issued on: 04/03/2020

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