Information Circular No 02/2020: Payment of UN Holiday Pay and Per Diem to Members of the 114 Inf Bn

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has written to Conciliation and Arbitration Branch, Department of Defence, on four occasions since September 2019, seeking the payment of the aforementioned allowances to our members.

Following receipt of PDFORRA’s latest correspondence, Conciliation and Arbitration Branch requested that Military Management clarify the situation regarding the outstanding payments. The following response was provided to our Association yesterday – Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

Ordinarily Per Diem is paid retrospectively and on a monthly basis, and is calculated on the number of days a member of the DF has spent in the mission area. In the case of 114Bn, significant delays were experienced regarding the ratification of the MOU which resulted in 114Bn being unable to pay the required Per Diem in its entirety.

During a routine finance inspection to UNIFIL in October 2019, staff from Military Finance engaged with IRCON personnel in order to discuss this matter and it was agreed that Per Diem would be paid, in its entirety and with UNIFIL Holiday Pay, when 114 Bn personnel returned home. Military Finance is acutely aware of the frustration DF members are experiencing in relation to this issue and is endeavouring to ensure Per Diem and Holiday Pay are paid at the earliest opportunity.”

PDFORRA have requested that additional resources be assigned to military finance in order to expedite payment to our members. PDFORRA will continue to liaise with C&A branch on a weekly basis to secure payment for our members at the earliest possible opportunity.

Issued on: 23/01/2020

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