Information Circular No 01/2020: Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) – Members of the Permanent Defence Force

By Industrial Relations Officer

Since the 1st May 2015, if you are over the age of 34 when you first take out private health insurance, you will have to pay extra for your cover under the Lifetime Community Rating (LCR) loadings.

Lifetime Community Rating introduced a late entry loading on health insurance premiums for those aged 35 and older taking out private health insurance for the first time. LCR works out at an extra 2% of your premium for each year aged above 34, up to a maximum of 70%.

The Health Insurance (Amendment) Act 2017 – includes a specific provision in relation to members of the Defence Forces.

With effect from 1 September 2018, members leaving the Permanent Defence Forces (PDF) can have their employment period considered as a credited period (against any LCR loadings that may ordinarily apply), providing health insurance is purchased within 9 months of leaving the PDF.

PDFORRA members please note that if private health insurance is not purchased within 9 months of leaving the PDF, then this credited period will lapse and cannot be recorded against LCR loadings.

Issued on: 13/01/2020

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