Information Circular No 40/2019 – End of Year Brief

By Industrial Relations Officer

This year has seen the Association settle 18 claims made to the High Court relating to the Working Time Directive through mediation. The settlement of these claims through mediation has resulted in claims by hundreds of our members for compensation through the settlement scheme.

During the course of the last week, PDFORRA has been involved in a High Court claim for technician pay for a member of the Medical Corps. This case has been settled on a “without prejudice” basis. Consequently, PDFORRA now invites all members of the Medical Corps who are undertaking medical duties to contact the Association for further advice regarding their entitlement to technician pay.

Regrettably the Association had to submit other claims to the High Court for numerous various reasons over the past year.  Additionally, the Association has in the last week submitted a claim to the Committee for the Freedom of Association under the International Labour Organisation.

Additionally, this year has seen the Association sign nine Agreed Reports on the following issues:

  • CCR 448C – NCO Promotion Agreement 2019
  • CCR 528 – Review of Adjudication Report in 2015 on Post 1994 Enlisted Personnel
  • CCR 529 – Claim seeking amendment of DFR A11 to provide for paternity leave and benefit act.
  • CCR 530 – Claim for the application of Circular 7/1982 – Marriage Leave
  • CCR 531 – Claim seeking the amendment of DFR A11 to provide for increase in Bereavement Leave to reflect – DPER Circular 01/2017.
  • CCR 532 – Claim seeking supply/sanction for VDU Glasses/Eye Examinations
  • CCR 533 – Claim seeking CCR to clarify pay position of personnel reverting in rank to undertake TTS/Apprenticeship.
  • CCR 535 – Claim or compensation for delay in repatriation of the 58 Inf Gp UNDOF
  • CCR 536 – Compensation for loss of earnings – personnel Sarsfield Barracks.

The net effect of the foregoing measures have been to increase leave entitlements, attain compensation, elongate careers and secure rights for our members.

The Association is also engaged in talks aimed at improving our Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme, and will not sign off on this until such time as it is confident that the revised scheme can deliver for our members. Further, the Association remains committed in our desire to affiliate to ICTU with talks continuing between the Department, ICTU and PDFORRA.

This year has seen the PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme (PMAS) turn over in excess of €350K and assist over 100 personnel attain medical care in Kingsbridge Hospital, Belfast.

All of this could not be undertaken without our members’ support. For this, we sincerely thank you. Your Association, with your support, will continue to fight for improved pay, conditions and rights in the New Year.

Issued on: 20/12/2019

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