Information Circular No 39/2019 – Working Time Directive – Compensation Scheme

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has commenced the processing of claims under the Working Time mediated settlement scheme in the past number of weeks.

Members are advised that the Association has processed a few hundred claims onwards to the Department this week. The processing of these claims by the Department may take some time and members should be cognizant of this. The Department have informed PDFORRA that they have dedicated resources to the processing of claims in an effort to speed up the process. However, in the event that personnel have not received compensation within six (6) months of the submission of claims, they are requested to follow up with PDFORRA HQ. This Circular is to ensure that there are no administrative errors which negatively affect our members.

While the scheme is open ended, PDFORRA would ask that members avail of the scheme as soon as practicable. Members who are currently overseas can have their claims processed upon their return home should they wish.

Members wishing to make a claim under the scheme should contact a member of their local District PDFORRA Committee who are in possession of the claim forms.

Details of claim parameters are set out within Information Circular Number 35/2019.

PDFORRA is arranging a training day on the Working Time Directive for District Representatives early in the New Year. However, if you are a PDFORRA member and believe aspects of your current working arrangements contravene the Directive, you are requested to make contact with PDFORRA HQ for further advice.

Issued on: 13/12/2019

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