Information Circular No 38/2019 – Submission of Complaint to Committee for Freedom of Association – International Labour Organisation

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has submitted a complaint to the Committee for Freedom of Association of the International Labour Organisation. This is the first time that the Association has submitted a complaint to this.

The submission of this complaint arises from the failure of Government to fully honour the findings of the 2010 adjudication in relation to the members of the Army Ranger Wing.

The complaint by PDFORRA is, amongst other things, centred on the previous pronouncements by the Committee that: –

“As regards the nature of appropriate guarantees in cases where restrictions are placed on the right to strike in essential services and the public service, restrictions on the right to strike should be accompanied by adequate, impartial and speedy conciliation and arbitration proceedings in which the parties concerned can take part at every stage and in which the awards, once made, are fully and promptly implemented.”

The Association has also highlighted within our complaint the limitations imposed upon it, including our current restriction on affiliation to ICTU, the limitations placed upon the Association in terms of pay negotiation and the restriction on the right to withdraw our services, all of which make the preservation of the remaining rights so important.

The Association is in the process of lodging a case before the High Court early next week regarding arrears for Account Holder Allowance and PDFORRA is also preparing an arrears case for Chefs in the coming weeks.

The Association will update members as matters develop.

Issued on: 13/12/2019

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