Information Circular No 32/2019 – Update – Public Service Pay Commission Recommendations

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive of PDFORRA have today decided to ratify the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission. This determination was undertaken following extensive briefings, and consideration of the views of our members at both District and Regional level.

The National Executive, based upon the recommendations of Districts and Regional Committees, clarifications received from the Department of Defence regarding: –  MSA, applicability of premiums to Defence Force Holidays etc. and the extension of Sergeants in Service and in consideration of numerous factors, including, but not limited to: –

The very real prospect of having to attempt to secure these same measures before/during the next National Pay talks. The impending potential adverse effects of Brexit, this year or next. Recent pronouncements by the ESRI regarding a potential recession, and the possibility of a General Election in the coming months, reached the conclusion to ratify the terms in order to secure payments for our members at this time.

While the National Executive believe that the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission do not go far enough, they do believe that it is in the interests of our members to secure the recommendations in advance of National Pay Talks that are scheduled to commence in the coming months. Moreover, the Association does not believe that members should be required to show dissatisfaction with the recommendations of the Pay Commission through self-denial of the recommendations, which would only further adversely affect them and their families financially.

The Association remains committed to securing advances through the review mechanisms contained within the recommendations of the Pay Commission in advance of the next National Pay Talks. The principal aim of the Association is to seek increases in the structure and amount of Technician Pay, together with increases to Security Duty and Patrol Duty Allowances, in addition to those other measures provided for within the recommendations.

Moreover, the Association will continue to pursue the effective implementation of the Working Time Directive and the compensatory rest provisions contained within its scope.

The Department of Defence has confirmed that payments, including arrears, will be processed within the coming number of weeks.

Issued on: 30/10/2019

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