Information Circular No 30/2019 – Public Service Pay Commission – Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

During the October meeting of the National Executive of PDFORRA, it was agreed to defer a decision on the potential ratification of the Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC), as it is not believed that sufficient certainty has been attained on a number of issues related to the PSPC.

The National Executive fully appreciates that our members wish to have clarity on this important issue, as a number of months has passed since the decision of Government to accept the recommendations of the Pay Commission. However, a number of substantial issues remain outstanding and the National Executive believes it would not be in the interests of our members to make such an important decision at this time. Especially, in the absence of certainty on the issues of the Tech 2 – 6 Review and other measures.

PDFORRA has sought an urgent meeting with the Minister with Responsibility for Defence in the coming days to discuss these issues prior to making a determination.

The Association is acutely aware of the significant role it holds in making a determination, and the potential impact the delay in reaching a conclusion is having on the membership. However, PDFORRA is also aware of the importance in attaining the best possible outcome for all our members now, and into the future.

Your Association will provide updates as soon as the outstanding issues have been clarified by the Department. Additionally, PDFORRA wishes to assure our members that it is doing everything possible to secure these clarifications in as timely a fashion as possible. However, unfortunately, the delays in securing the necessary clarifications may result in the National Executive not being able to be in a position to ratify or make a recommendation to its members in time to secure payment of outstanding sums potentially owed before the New Year.

Members are no doubt aware that no sums are payable until such time as the recommendations are accepted by the Association. Yet, in the event that the recommendations are accepted, they are to be backdated to the 4th of July 2019.

Members are advised to log on to the Associations website and App for further Information Circulars in the coming days.

Issued on: 17/10/2019

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