Information Circular No 29/2019 – Update – Public Service Pay Commission Recommendations

By Industrial Relations Officer

During the past number of weeks, the Association has received numerous briefings related, amongst other things, to the next round of National Pay talks, the ongoing review of Technician Pay 2-6 and the work of the Implementation Body on the additional issues identified within the Public Service Pay Commission report.

This week, following the submission of correspondence by PDFORRA seeking clarification on a wide range of issues related to the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission, responses have been received regarding the application of aspects of the recommendations.

In the first instance, PDFORRA requested that the date of implementation be extended beyond the 4th of July 2019. However, the Department confirmed DPER’s position as the 4th of July 2019 and moreover, the Department confirmed that should PDFORRA reject the recommendations no payments will be made to members.

Additionally, the Department confirmed that the restoration rates for Saturday and Sunday duties also apply to Defence Force Holidays and Public Holidays. However, the day in lieu granted for undertaking duties on Sundays would no longer apply upon restoration of the premium payments.

Further, the Department confirmed that the 5% restoration of MSA – in October 2020, as acknowledged to take place by the Commission within the report, will be paid at the rate applicable at the time of its reduction under the FEMPI legislation in 2009.

The Department has also confirmed that the review provision, related to the adequacy of current pay arrangements, will take place in the context of future pay talks. It confirmed that exploratory talks had commenced between DPER and ICTU and asserted its intention to discuss these issues with PDFORRA in the context of future pay talks.

Further to the foregoing, the Department noted PDFORRA’s opinion that the issue of Patrol Duty Allowance and SDA type payments be prioritised for discussion. The Department confirmed that this will form the basis for discussions at future pay talks.

In relation to the review of technical pay arrangements for grades between 2-6, the Department confirmed its intent to have a report on the initial areas identified for prioritisation before the 4th of October 2019. These areas are – the Naval Service, the Air Corps and the CIS Corps.

Moreover, the Department has asserted that consideration of the introduction of Long Service Increments is to be based upon empirical evidence where this shows indicative trends. Upon receipt of developed proposals from the Project Management Team, PDFORRA will be consulted.

The National Executive will consider proposals from the Technician 2-6 review before any decision regarding recommendation/acceptance is made. This will see the earliest date for a determination being the 4th of October 2019.

Issued on: 20/09/2019

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