Information Circular No 25/2019 – UPDATE – Public Service Pay Commission Recommendations

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the intensive briefing of Districts/Regions over the past number of weeks, the Association will now take directions from Districts and Regional Committees as to how to proceed.

The National Executive wishes to advise members that it will await clarifications from the Department of Defence and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on those issues raised by PDFORRA in correspondence before making a determination as to how to proceed.

No expiry date on the acceptance/rejection of the recommendations has been given to the Association by the Department of Defence and arrears remain to be backdated to the 4th of July 2019, if accepted by PDFORRA.  Therefore, the Association will ensure that it has all available relevant information prior to making a determination as to how to proceed.

The Association understands that the review of Technician Pay 2-6, referenced within the Public Service Pay Commission report has commenced.  PDFORRA would encourage all members to engage fully with Unit Commanders in an attempt to fully guide the relevant Departments of the manifest changes to the technical abilities of our members.  PDFORRA has not yet been advised of what interaction it will play with the aforementioned review.

Following requests by members within Districts, PDFORRA has published two (2) Information Circulars (Number 26 – Pre 2013 Personnel and Number 27 – Post 2013 Personnel) detailing the basic potential increases arising from the interaction of the Public Sector Stability Agreement restorative measures and the potential acceptance of the recommendations of the Public Sector Pay Commission.  All members are advised that these circulars are available on the Association website and on the Association App.

Following upon the receipt of clarifications from the various Departments, PDFORRA will publish further Information Circulars in order to update members.

Finally, PDFORRA wishes to thank all our members for their large attendances and positive engagement at the District/Regional meetings.  Your support for our Association is greatly appreciated.

Issued on: 23/08/2019

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