Information Circular No 22/2019 – Public Service Pay Commission Report – Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following consultations with the National Executive and Regional Chairpersons, it has been decided that the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary will undertake a series of information briefings for PDFORRA members in the coming weeks.

Following the aforementioned consultations, it appears that a significant degree of misconception exists within the wider membership regarding the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission – primarily that regardless of the potential rejection at ballot of the award made – that restoration of allowances will occur.  This is NOT correct.

If the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission are rejected by our membership, NO restoration measures will occur and NO potential arrears will be paid.

Additionally, it remains to be clarified if the reviews proposed within the recommendations of the Commission will continue in the absence of acceptance, or if they will continue without consultation or input from PDFORRA.

In the event that the recommendations are rejected by the Association, it would appear that the next opportunity to enter into negotiations will be towards the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020, as part of the next National Pay talks scheduled to commence after Brexit has occurred.

The Association has sought a large number of clarifications regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission.  Our membership will appreciate that these clarifications will need to be “put on the record” to ensure compliance by the Department if the recommendations are accepted by our membership.

It is expected that these clarifications will be received towards the end of this week, beginning of next.

However, in order to ensure that current misconceptions do not persist or expand, a general round of briefings will commence in the next couple of weeks prior to a potential ballot of our membership.  Consequently, it is requested that all available PDFORRA members attend these briefings as a matter of importance

Issued on: 25/07/2019

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