Information Circular No 21/2019 – Details of Non Pay Recommendations – Public Service Pay Commission Report

By Industrial Relations Officer

In addition to the specific allowance measures, the Public Service Pay Commission report highlighted the special disadvantages associated with military life such as unsocial hours of duty and prolonged periods of separation from families and other aspects unique to military life.

In identifying the foregoing issues, the Commission recommended a need to carry out and implement a number of reviews, the aim of which is to incentivise retention and enhance recruitment.

These reviews are to be completed within specific timeframes set out in the implementation plan. These timelines are:

  • Immediate actions – Action to be completed within 1 month of the approval of the Plan.
  • Short-term – Action to commence and in some cases be completed within 3 months of approval of the Plan.
  • Medium Term – Action to commence and in some cases be completed within 3-6 months of approval of the Plan, and
  • Long-term action to commence within 6-12 months of approval of the Plan.
  1. Immediate actions involve the proposed application of restoration to allowances, including MSA, and the establishment of a Civil and Military Group to evaluate the Tech 2-6 review.  Thereafter, there is a commitment to prioritise actions for implementation with commencement of actions in the Medium Term. (This is one of a number of items identified. However, the Association is seeking clarity on other items as they are already part of White Paper projects).
  2. Short- term actions include the research of retention measures associated with family care and quality of life initiatives amongst other issues.

The Association will be seeking clarity from the Department on these, and a number of other items in the coming week. PDFORRA will revert with updates to our members as matters progress.

Issued on: 08/07/2019

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