Information Circular No 20/2019 – Details of Pay Restoration – Public Service Pay Commission Report

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA received the Report of the Public Service Pay Commission on Thursday 04th July.  The Report is effectively broken down into two areas, the first relates to immediate pay restoration measures and the second element relates to pay reviews to be undertaken before the expiry of the current pay agreement.

The following pay related measures are applicable with effect from the 4th of July 2019:

  • A 10% increase in Military Service Allowance with a minimum payment of €350 applicable to Privates with less than 3 years’ service.
  • A further increase in Military Service of 5% is also payable under the Public Service Stability Agreement on 01 Oct 2020.
  • An increase of 10% on Security Duty and related Allowances- A monetary breakdown of increases is attached as Annex A to this Circular.
  • An increase of 10% on all Overseas Allowances with immediate effect.
  • The restoration of the Saturday duty premium rates to €79.35 for Pre-2013 and €83.52 for Post 2013 personnel.
  • The restoration of the Sunday duty premium to €105.79 for Pre2013 personnel and €111.35 for Post 2013 personnel.
  • Patrol Duty Allowances will increase to €53.33 for all ranks who enlisted Pre 2013 and to €56.14 for Post 2013 Personnel.
  • Portlaoise Prison Duty increases to €79.35 for Pre-2013 personnel and €83.52 for Post 2013 personnel.
  • Border Duty Allowance will increase to €96.23 for all personnel.
  • Aid to Civil Authority allowance increases to €49.76 for a week day, €74.70 for a Saturday and €99.60 for Sunday/DF Holiday.        
  • EOD increases to €92.57 for Pre 2013 and €97.44 for Post 2013 personnel.
  • Discontinuation of the payments by Recruits and Apprentices of Rations & Accommodation charges.

Additionally, in respect of the outstanding adjudications for members of the ARW, Chefs, Account Holders and Recruits and Apprentices, the Government has decided to implement these findings with effect from the 1st of July 2019.  However, discussions are to take place in the coming days regarding further retrospection and PDFORRA’s ongoing legal actions.

  • These payments will see weekly payments to members of the ARW who enlisted before 2013 receive €200 and those who enlisted subsequently €210.52.
  • Apprentices will see annual savings of €2,259.39 and Recruits will save in excess of €736.10 over the course of their 17-weeks training.
  • The payment of Account Holders Allowance will see personnel undertaking this role receive €3,433.44 per annum.
  • Qualifying Chefs will see their Technician Pay increase from Group 2 to Group 3 amounting to €705.47 per year.

Clarification will be sought on a variety of issues in the coming days and weeks regarding qualifying criteria, the applicability of increased premiums to Defence Force Holidays and the applicable monetary rate of increase for MSA in Oct 2020.

Additionally, the Association will seek to clarify the point at which MSA and basic pay will be increased in tandem, as was the practice prior to 2009. The foregoing is only indicative of the range of issues which require clarification.

PDFORRA will brief members once clarifications on these issues has been received.

Issued on: 05/07/2019

Annex A to Information Circular 20/2019

Military Service Allowance                         Pre-2013                          Post-2013

Pte’s (less than 3 years’ service)                     €48.27                               €50.47

Pte/Cpl/Sgt                                                      €126.97                              €133.65

CQ/CS/BQMS/BSM                                      €135.16                              €142.26

Security Duty Allowance                             Pre-2013                          Post-2013

Less than 24hrs (Mon – Sat)                           €26.45                               €27.84

(Sun/DF Holiday)                   €52.88                               €55.66

24hrs   (Mon – Fri)                                         €52.88                                €55.66

24hrs   (Saturday)                                            €79.35                                €83.52

24hrs (Sunday/DF Holiday)                           €105.79                              €111.35

Overseas Peace Support Allowance

Pte                                                                    €61.27                                 €61.27

Cpl                                                                  €63.44                                  €63.44

Sgt & Higher                                                   €65.63                                  €65.63

Overseas Armed Peace Support Allowance

                                                                        €23.58                                   €23.58

Outstanding Adjudications (Weekly)    Pre-2013                     Post-2013

ARW                                                               €200.00                       €210.52

Chefs Technical Pay                                     €40.42                                    €40.42

Account Holders Allowance                       €65.80                                    €65.80

*Please Note – All amounts outlined above are subject to final confirmation by DPERS/DOD.

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