Information Circular No 19/2019 – Publication of Public Service Pay Commission Report

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Public Service Pay Commission report has been released to PDFORRA in the past few hours.

This report follows the tendering of multiple submissions and an oral hearing before the Commission by PDFORRA. Members who may choose to review the submissions made by PDFORRA should be aware that the initial submission was made in February 2018 with the second submission being made in March 2019.

While the initial submission was requested by the Commission to be a data lead submission, PDFORRA believed at that time that a more fulsome submission could assist the Commission in understanding the totality of the difficulties being experienced by our members. The second submission made by the Association was more nuanced and relied upon exchanged correspondences, historical analysis and recent Labour Court Recommendations. The latter submission is on PDFORRA’s website for the past number of weeks.

PDFORRA will now consider the totality of the recommendations made by the Commission, which arise from paragraphs 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 of the Public Sector Stability Agreement 2018-2020.

The Executive of the Association will consider the recommendations made by the Public Service pay Commission with a view to determining the next course of action.

The Association wishes to thank all members who contributed to the knowledge base of the Commission through the answering of online surveys and taking of calls from the body tasked with surveying members.

A detailed breakdown of the observations and recommendations made by the Commission will be published in a follow up circular in the coming days.

Issued on: 04/07/2019

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