Information Circular No 18/2019 – Delay in Repatriation of Personnel From 58 INF Group – UNDOF

By Industrial Relations Officer

Subsequent to the notification of the delay in the repatriation of personnel from the aforementioned mission, PDFORRA submitted a claim for an ex-gratia payment to be made to members of the aforementioned mission on the 4th of April 2019.

The rationale advanced for the delay in repatriation is that the Lebanese Authorities had not granted the required approval of the landing clearance in Beirut to the United Nations.

As a consequence of the foregoing, members were not repatriated until Sunday the 7th of April.

Consequently, the Department have agreed, as a goodwill gesture, to offer an ex-gratia payment of compensation of €300 (net) to members of the aforementioned mission.

PDFORRA will notify members in the coming weeks of the pay date for this compensation.

Issued on: 27/06/2019

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