Information Circular No 16/2019 – Retention of pay – Personnel Undertaking Apprenticeship or Trainee Technician Scheme

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA, following representations from our members, entered into negotiations with the Department of Defence on the points of pay scale applicable to our members who have been discharged and re-enlisted for any of the above mentioned training schemes.

Following discussions held between the Association and the Department at Conciliation Council, PDFORRA has agreed to signing Conciliation Council Report (CCR) 533.

This CCR allows for the following in relation to members pay:

  • Personnel will retain the line pay and MSA they were receiving before their discharge on an off-point basis.
  • This off-point will be retained until such time as the rate of pay and allowances in their new appointment exceed this off-point.
  • Technician Pay or any other allowance which related to their appointment held prior to discharge and re-enlistment will not be paid and will not be used in calculating the off-point.

PDFORRA understands that Pay Section has now been instructed by the Department – following negotiations with this Association – to arrange for payment to be made to those members affected.

Issued on: 14/06/2019

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