Information Circular No 15/2019 – Refund of Costs – Eye Examinations

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA members should be aware that the Defence Forces annual occupational medical provides for eye tests and eyesight tests to assess eye health and visual acuity for all personnel, including those who use a VDU as a significant part of their normal work.

If further testing or examination is required, the Defence Forces primary carers (Defence Forces Medical Officers or Civilian Doctors employed by the Defence Forces) can make a referral to an appropriate external provider if deemed appropriate by the DF primary carers.

The associated costs borne by personnel, specifically relating to referral outlined above to an external provider, will be refunded by the Department on submission of the appropriate application form and receipt – provided costs have not already been borne by the Department.

Additionally, a copy of the medical report of the treatment provided by the external provider must also be submitted to ensure that the individual’s DF medical records can be updated.

Please note that PDFORRA members pay PRSI Class H, which also affords them certain entitlements under the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection (DEASP) Treatment Benefit Scheme – subject to meeting the required criteria.

Issued on: 14/06/2019

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