Information Circular No 13/2019 – Update – Ongoing Issues

By Industrial Relations Officer
  1. The Public Service Pay Commission is scheduled to publish its recommendations imminently. Upon receipt, PDFORRA will consider, review and update our membership on any recommendations made.
  2. The Association is set to engage in direct mediation on aspects of the Working Time Directive with the Department of Defence during the latter half of this week. This follows exchanges of detailed correspondence through the Association’s solicitor and legal team. Additionally, PDFORRA has, in the past week, engaged through the established Working Group on the Implementation of Working Time Directive. Meetings of this Working Group are scheduled to be held every two weeks.23
  3. Following an Adjudication hearing, the Department of Defence has reverted to PDFORRA with an award for personnel who were affected by the rationalisation of duties with Sarsfied Bks Limerick in 2009. This award has been made in lieu of a finding by the Adjudicator, which may have been adverse to our members when recent Labour Court Recommendations were considered. Payment of the awards will be arranged for the coming weeks.4
  4. The Department of Defence last week filed a full defence against PDFORRA’s action on the manner of implementation of the outstanding adjudication awards for ARW Allowance, Chefs Technician Pay, Account Holders Allowance and rationing of Recruits and Apprentices. This defence is now being reviewed by the Associations legal team and members will be advised of their recommendations as the situation permits.5
  5. The Association has a number of actions awaiting dates for hearing, including: Claim related to the payment of Technician Pay to Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics. Claim related to the rationing of personnel on 2-3* courses Action related to Freedom of Assembly
  6. The Association understands that discussions have been held between senior officials from ICTU, the Department of Defence and the General Staff. PDFORRA eagerly awaits developments in this area.7
  7. PDFORRA is actively engaged in negotiations regarding the review of the C&A scheme and will update our members in the coming weeks on progress.

Issued on: 13/05/2019

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