Information Circular No 11/2019 – Promotion Competition – 2019

By Industrial Relations Officer

The current promotional competition held under CCR 448b, is scheduled to terminate on the 15th of May 2019.

Today, Thursday March 28th, PDFORRA held its first meeting with the Departmental side. During the course of this meeting, the Association was presented with a set of proposed changes for the upcoming promotional competition. This is the first opportunity the Association has had to view the changes proposed.

During the course of the next few weeks, the Association will consult with Regional and District Committees to elicit their views on the proposed changes. The Association expects to be in a position to revert to the Department before the last week in April 2019.

Contemporaneous with the foregoing, the Association has requested a copy of the proposed Annex XYZ. Once the Annex XYZ is received, it will also be forwarded to District Committees for observations. PDFORRA request that members fully engage with their committees to ensure that any concerns that personnel may have are fully considered prior to commencement of the next promotion competition.

It is PDFORRA’s belief that there may be some confusion regarding the issue of “Discrete Competitions”. Discrete Competitions are NOT promotion competitions in and of themselves. Discrete Competitions are provided for within Annex XYZ for specific appointments and generally involve the movement of substantive rank personnel into specialist positions before promotion is considered. These Discrete Competitions are set out BEFORE the promotion competition commences.

PDFORRA has at all times engaged in good faith with the Departmental side and will continue to do so. Any suggestion to the contrary is misplaced and incorrect.

Issued on: 28/03/2019

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