Information Circular No 10/2019 – Continuance in Service – Post 1994 Personnel

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following discussions between the Department of Defence and PDFORRA, the following issues pertaining to Personnel who enlisted Post 1994 have been agreed through the compilation of a Conciliation Council Report:

1. A review of the contract terms for all personnel who enlisted since 1994 is to be undertaken.

2. Line Privates, Privates in receipt of Technician Pay Groups 1 & 2 and Corporals are to be permitted to remain in service until 31st December 2022, providing they do not reach the age of 50 (unless they have acquired contractual rights already) and they meet the criteria necessary for Continuance in Service.

3. This negotiated agreement – to allow personnel to serve until the end of 2022 – permits a detailed study to be undertaken of the appropriateness of current contractual terms for all personnel. For the avoidance of doubt, the Departmental side have confirmed that it is not their intention to alter negatively the Terms and Conditions of presently serving personnel.

4. PDFORRA retain the entitlement to undertake adjudication/arbitration following publication of the results of the study undertaken under Para 40(a) of the White Paper.

5. Contemporaneous with the foregoing, PDFORRA has sought the elongation of the service limits for Sergeants, or equivalent rank.

6. This measure will give some degree of security of tenure to personnel who enlisted since 1994. Additionally, it increases the gratuity payments and pension entitlements of personnel who choose to remain in service. For example: 3 additional years of service, from 21 years to 24 years would see a member’s gratuity payment increase from 25 weeks to 37 weeks – just short of a 50% increase.

Issued on: 28/03/2019

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