Information Circular No 09/2019: Working Time Directive Cases – Mediation

By Industrial Relations Officer

A proposal for mediation of the application of the Working Time Directive to members of the Defence Forces was made by the Department of Defence to PDFORRA in the past number of weeks.

Following advice from the Association’s Solicitor and Senior Counsel, PDFORRA agreed to open discussions subject to certain caveats.

Mr Mark Connaughton, Senior Counsel, has agreed to act as mediator between the parties and he is highly experienced in Employment Law issues.

Opening discussions were held between officials and the Mediator within the past two weeks, and Terms of Reference were subsequently agreed by PDFORRA. The Terms of Reference under the mediation agreement are confidential but do encompass all areas of interest in relation to working time matters relevant to members.

PDFORRA has stipulated that timelines must be adhered to within this process and that the Association reserves the right to proceed with the outstanding cases in the event that progress is not made expeditiously. The High Court cases are listed again for mention on the 4th of April 2019.

PDFORRA understands that the official side has scheduled a meeting with the Mediator in the coming weeks.

The ability of the Association to impart information to the wider membership during this process will be restricted until settlement, or the re-entry of cases before the High Court.


Issued on: 11/03/2019

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