Information Circular No 08/2019: Notification of Amendment of A.11 to Provide for Bereavement, Paternity and Marriage Leave

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following negotiations, Defence Force Regulations A. 11 have now been amended to provide for increases to Bereavement Leave (Special Leave). Paragraph 29 of A.11 now provides for an entitlement to 20 days Special Leave on the occasion of the death of a spouse, civil partner, a cohabiting partner, a child or a domestic dependant of that member.

10 days may now be granted to members upon the occasion of a stillbirth or pre-natal death of a child after 24 weeks of pregnancy where the member meets the qualifying criteria set out in Para 29 (2) of the aforementioned Regulation.

Finally, special leave up to 5 days may be granted upon the death of an immediate relative, and 1 day upon the occasion of the death of an aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

Paragraph 30A has been inserted to A.11 to provide for special leave not exceeding 5 days upon the occasion of the marriage of a member. This leave is aggregated to the leave entitlement of a member and shall not exceed 33 days for the year the marriage takes place.

Paragraph 33 of A.11 has been amended to provide for Paternity Leave in accordance with the Paternity Leave and Benefits Act 2016.

Paternity Leave entitles “relevant parents” to two (2) weeks leave to assist with the care of a child following birth or adoption.

Members will be required to mandate their entitlements under the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 to the Secretary General of the Dept. of Defence, in order for them to receive their full pay and allowances.

Specific information regarding this entitlement can be attained by contacting PDFORRA HQ. The Association will publish an in-depth article on this issue in the next edition of the Defender magazine.


Issued on: 08/03/2019

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