Information Circular No 07/2019: Attendance of PDFORRA Before the Public Service Pay Commission

By Industrial Relations Officer

Representatives from PDFORRA appeared before the Public Service Pay Commission on Tuesday of this week – 05th March 2019.

The Association, in advance of the hearing, supplied the Commission with a copy of our presentation, which highlighted the urgent requirement to increase allowances that are unique to the Defence Forces.

The Terms of Reference for the Commission restrict the Commission to allowances which they believe will assist in the recruitment and retention of personnel to the Defence Forces. Consequentially, PDFORRA focused on the issues of duty payments, Military Service Allowance (MSA) and issues related to the Technical Pay review.

The Association highlighted to the Commission that the cuts to duty allowances were too deep and were a major contributing factor to the disenfranchisement felt by members of the Defence Forces presently. Moreover, PDFORRA supplied the Commission with historical documentary evidence to show that increases in duty payments had been previously used as a retention measure.

In respect of Military Service Allowance, the Association highlighted the contractual, logistical and legislative changes that had occurred since the introduction of MSA in 1979. The Association reiterated its belief that the radical changes that have occurred in the intervening period were not, in the Association’s estimation, appropriately recompensed.

PDFORRA highlighted the urgent need to address the foregoing issues in the context of retention and recruitment.

The procedures, up to this point, show that the Commission will publish the submissions made by the Representative bodies on their website following their consideration of the issues contained within the submissions.

The Commission indicated that they hoped to be in a position to report by the end of June 2019.


Issued on: 08/03/2019

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