Information Circular No 03/2019: Public Service Pay Commission – “Engage to Change” Survey

By Industrial Relations Officer

A study, titled “Engage to Change”, will be conducted by an independent research company, Research Matters Ltd ( The purpose of the study is to collect information on issues relating to recruitment and retention with personnel in the Defence Forces and it will include an online survey and interviews.

The report of the findings will help guide the Public Service Pay Commission with regards to future determinations on recruitment and retention in the Defence Forces.

All personnel not included in the previous study of specialist streams will be invited to take part in the study. For clarity, the specialist streams previously surveyed were: Air traffic controllers, Personnel in CIS, Doctors, Pilots, Personnel in ordnance, Engineers including general, aeronautical marine and electrical and Aircraft and Marine technicians.

It is anticipated that the main data-gathering will take place during February and March 2019.

It is vitally important that a high percentage of those who are invited to participate agree to do so. In order to help ensure the study is representative of all personnel.

The study will be anonymous and confidential with regard to any individual participant in that no results will be published or information provided by Research Matters to the Commission which would enable any individual participant to be identified.

PDFORRA believes that it is vital to the interests of all members that those invited to participate do so in an honest and forthright manner.

Issued on: 07/02/2019

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