Information Circular No 37/2018: Association Membership Growth

By Industrial Relations Officer

This year has seen membership of our Association grow following a period of relative stagnation.

Membership of PDFORRA now stands at approximately 89% of all enlisted personnel, with a slight variation for discharges and recruitment lag.

During the past year, the Association committed significant sums from its capital reserves to benefit our membership in a tangible manner without increasing costs of membership. These initiatives have included the committal of 10,000 Euro to provide for free MRI Scans for personnel who face the prospect of discharge for not meeting contractual obligations.

Additionally, this year saw the National Executive of our Association commit 150,000 Euro to the PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme. This Scheme assists personnel access care under the Cross Border Healthcare Directive. To date over thirty personnel have been seen by specialist Consultants with a significant number having received specialist care at no cost to themselves.

Together with our core objectives of maintaining and improving your working conditions, your Association is committed in the coming year to continue to use innovative methods to provide tangible benefits of membership to you and your families.

The Association wishes to thank all our District Representatives and members for your continued support and assistance over the past year.

Issued on: 20/12/2018

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