Information Circular No 36/2018: Ophthalmologist Services

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been informed by the Department of Defence that if a member is found to have a newly-diagnosed issue with their Visual Acuity in Part 1 of their medical examination, the Medical Officer will assess the need for these personnel to acquire glasses/lenses during Part II of their medical examination.

If the Medical Officer determines that a member of the Defence Forces requires corrective lenses – then that member may present to an Optician for examination and have their fees from this consultation reimbursed through Medical Account Department.

Since 01/01/2010, members of the Permanent Defence Forces are entitled to the full range of benefits under the Medical Appliance Scheme but are not entitled to receive Dental or Optical exams – (both of which should be supplied by the Department of Defence). Members of the PDF are entitled to the supply and repair of spectacles.

The Qualified Adults of such members however are entitled to the full range of treatments available under the Treatment Benefit Scheme.
Further information on Treatment Benefit – Operational Guidelines can be attained by visiting:

Since 2017, members are entitled to a payment towards corrective lenses once every two years. Basic frames are free – however where non-basic frames are chosen the Department will only pay €42.37 towards the cost of spectacles with the member paying the balance.

Issued on: 19/12/2018

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