Information Circular No 34/2018: Outstanding Adjudications

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has engaged the services of Mr John Rodgers SC to provide legal counsel in respect of the aforementioned outstanding adjudications, which include:

1.  Increase in Army Ranger Wing Allowance
2.  Increase in Chefs Technical Pay
3.  Provision of free rations to Recruits and Apprentices, and
4.  Payment of Account Holders Allowance

Subsequent to the tendering of the written offer regarding implementation of the four adjudications by the Department of Defence, PDFORRA was obligated to respond seeking confirmation that the offer made was crystallised on the basis of all four adjudications being implemented as articulated, or that none would be implemented in the absence of agreement by the Association.

Within the aforementioned correspondence, PDFORRA sought the immediate application of the Adjudicator’s finding regarding the provision of free rations to Recruits and Apprentices. However, the Department responded in the negative.

Consequentially, the matter was handed over to the Association’s Solicitor – Mr Fergus O’ Regan. Thereafter, legal correspondence was exchanged with the Department.

Arising from the response received, the Association has requested a meeting with Counsel so as to determine what course of action we should undertake at this juncture.

It is the intention of the Association to have a briefing session between parties to the outstanding adjudications and the Association’s legal advisors as soon as practicable within the coming year. It had been hoped to have these briefing sessions prior to Christmas, however this has not proven possible.

PDFORRA will contact Districts early in the New Year to confirm dates for the aforementioned meetings.

Issued on: 17/12/2018

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