Information Circular No 32/2018: Settlement of Payment of Wages Claims

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA today settled (9) nine claims with the Department of Defence taken under the Payment of Wages Act 1998, on behalf of serving Air Corps Apprentices.

These cases have highlighted the need for members of PDFORRA to engage at an early stage with District Committees where members have not received, or been refunded monies owing to them under Defence Force Regulation S.3.

The Payment of Wages Act confines claims to a look back period of only six months from the date of the breach of the Act.

This Association believes that personnel are entitled to be paid those sums owing for duties, repayment of rations and allowances etc. within a reasonable timeframe.

However, Regulations, Administrative Instructions or General Routine Orders do not contain an explicit timeframe. Consequentially, PDFORRA has written to the Department of Defence requesting that a timeframe be provided so that personnel can know the (Occasion*) when they are to be paid allowances owing. Additionally, the Association has again requested that duty dates be provided with payments – so that members can adequately assess if they have received appropriate pay/allowances owed.

The aforementioned claims were settled to the satisfaction of the members concerned. However, other members of PDFORRA may not have been repaid all monies owing, as the Department conceded that other personnel – unknown to PDFORRA, may also be repaid sums. This repayment does not negate the potential of personnel outside of those settled to make claims where sums properly owed were not paid.

PDFORRA members who feel that their pay/allowances have not been paid within an appropriate timeframe are requested to contact their District Committees so that their claims may be expedited.

* Section 5 (6) of the Payment of Wages Act 1998 refers.

Issued on: 31/10/2018

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